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Munch Live at the Open in Norwich

Munch, fronted by the amazing Monique, are an energetic band, with members who have many years of experience between them, they love what they do. The band does not play to backing tracks so provide a full on live music event.  Munch, with an infectious enthusiasm for what they do, will ensure that you have a night to remember.

Chris - Bass

Likes: Spandex
Dislikes: Days with a Y in them
Loves: Munch (of course)
Hates: Spiders
Ambition: To grow an afro
Bucket List:  Swim with Dolphins
Mental Age: 8

Jamie - Lead Guitar

Likes: Caffeine
Dislikes: Anything by Oasis
Loves: Grace by Jeff Buckley
Hates: Butternut Squash
Ambition: To rule the world
Bucket List: Music road trip (States)
Mental Age: 183

Matt - Drums

Likes: Dark chocolate
Dislikes: Hot weather
Loves: His family
Hates: Very hot weather
Ambition: Motorhome hols with wifey
Bucket List: Tour Alaska
Mental Age: 22

Carol - Keyboards

Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Hand written cabaret music
Loves: Genesis
Hates: Driving
Ambition: To be taller
Bucket List: Visit Italy
Mental Age: 3

Mark - Sax/Guitar/Vocals

Likes: Cheese
Dislikes: New Towels
Loves: Susanna Hoffs
Hates: Songs in C#
Ambition: Learn 4 Chords
Bucket List: Fly a Lancaster
Mental Age: 9

Monique - Vocals

Likes:  Having holidays
Dislikes: Winter
Loves: Family/Soul  music
Hates: Snakes :-)
Ambition: Retire in Spain
Bucket List: Visit Australia
Mental Age: 21

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