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Poorly Sax Mouthpiece

Munch - 80s tribute band covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex
Published by in Mouthpiece · 4 August 2019
Recently I went to the local auction and was lucky enough to find a French Sax from 1930, that had not been played sine the 1960s.  I got it for £250 and it was in a bit of a state, but it felt right. It was extremely tarnished and hard to see it was silver. I will put some photos in the blog soon so you can see the vefore and after look.

What I wasnt aware of was that inside the very worn case were two mouthpieces. One a Selmer, is in great shape and actually worth second hane more than I paid for the sax... yippee!!!!!

The second was not in such good shape. When I took my sax for repair at Topjoint in Norwich (Sax Guru called Mark), he saw this moutpiece and suggested that I try and repair it as it was from the 1930s. I'm not so sure as it could be the 1950s but whatever. He suggested that i grate down some filings from an old toothbrush and add it to some Araldite. Slowly build it up and file down with a nail file...... As the sax in unusual, I thought i'd give it a go.

Unsual in that when you look into the mouthpiece, you see an area above the hole where the mouthpiece in changed into a two sunken area to deflect the air when blown. I have to see what this is like !!!!!!!

Here are the step by step photos...

Now about to try it out......

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2019-08-04 15:26:37
Well done Daddy xx

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